A resource hub for
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

• Fashion collaborative 
 learning with movable   furnishings and white 



• Use computer software, STEM books, and manipulatives

(eg. R and R Studio, AutoCad and the disarticulated skeleton)

• Recharge at individual
study stations.

  • Participate in Just in Time Workshops for select STEM Courses

  • Attend off campus workshops through our academic excursion program.

  • View STEM Happenings for upcoming workshops and events.

• STEM Intended Majors.

• Design and activate
an adaptable plan to achieve
your academic goals. 

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  •  Attend interactive  activities and/or speaking events.

  • Sign up for academic excursions to STEM research labs, conferences, and off-campus speaking events.

  • Network with Scientists, Mathematicians, Meteorologists and STEM field experts.